FIFA Forward Development Programme  

EAFF U15 Boys' Tournament 2018

in XIANGHE 23-28 July, 2018


Group A
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Japan Squads >
Chinese Taipei Squads >
Mongolia Squads >
Northern Mariana Islands Squads >
Group B
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Best GK Group A No. 13 WU Shaoxuan(China PR)
Group B No.18 RI Il Nam(DPR Korea)
Best DF Group A No.2 WEI Chen-Hsuan(Chinese Taipei)
Group B No.4 KWAK Yongchan(Korea Republic)
Best MF Group A No.24 GUO Zicheng(China PR)
Group B No.11 CHENG Hung Hin(Hong Kong)
Top Scorer Group A No.30 NOZAWA Leon (Japan)
Group B No.11 RI Il Song(DPR Korea)
MVP Group A No. 3 TANAKA Kosei(Japan)
Group B No.6 HA Geumseong(Korea Republic)



CHUNG Mong Gyu

EAFF U-15 Boys’ Tournament 2018 – President Message

Hello everyone!

It gives me a great delight in having the opportunity to organise this year’s EAFF U-15 Boys’ Tournament in Beijing, China. Ten (10) participating teams from East Asia will compete over the course of 6 days to showcase their potential and talents through this tournament with the financial assistance from FIFA Forward Development Programme.

East Asia has always produced exciting young talents over the years and I am excited to witness the energy and enthusiasm of these young players at this tournament which I am hopeful will be a strong platform in developing them into leading group of players in Asia. I am also confident that China will provide an excellent environment for all participating teams throughout the EAFF U-15 Boys’ Tournament 2018.

A referee clinic and a coaching course will also be conducted further demonstrating EAFF’s determination to develop the technical and educational aspects of football in East Asia. I am confident that these courses will elevate the level of referees and coaching in our region.

Furthermore, I hope this tournament will be a casting light for the future of East Asian football and to show the world the true value of communication between the participating countries.

I wish to express my sincere gratitude to the Chinese Football Association for hosting the EAFF U-15 Boys’ Tournament 2018 and extending their warm hospitality to the participating teams and all those involved in this exciting competition.

I wish every participating team all the best.

Mong Gyu Chung
President, East Asian Football Federation


EAFF Referee Clinic 2018

■ EAFF Referee Clinic is conducted in conjunction to the FIFA Forward Development Programme EAFF U15 Boys’Tournament 2018 hosted in Xianghe, China from 19 July – 21 July 2018.
EAFF Referee Clinic Participating Certificate to be issued by the EAFF.

■ Objective:
Elevate the level of Pre-national Referees of the next generation in the East Asian Region through provision of development /training opportunity.

EAFF Coaching Course 2018

■ EAFF Coaching Course is conducted in conjunction to the FIFA Forward Development Programme EAFF U15 Boys’Tournament 2018 from 23 July – 28 July 2018.
EAFF Coaching Course Participating Certificate to be issued by the EAFF.

■ Objective:
Elevate the level of Youth Coaches of the next generation in the East Asian Region through provision of development/training opportunity.


Official Title of the Competition

FIFA Forward Development Programme EAFF U15 Boys’ Tournament 2018


East Asian Football Federation (EAFF)

Organising Association

Chinese Football Association (CFA)

Tournament Date

23-28 July, 2018


National Football Training Center

Participating Association(10)

Group A Group B
China PR Korea Republic
Japan DPR Korea
Chinese Taipei Hong Kong
Mongolia Guam
Northern Mariana Islands Macau

Match Fixture

Match Fixture
July 23 (mon)
Match Day 1
10:30 China PRvsJapan
13:30 Korea RepublicvsDPR Korea
13:30 Chinese TaipeivsMongolia
16:30 Hong KongvsGuam
16:30 Northern Mariana IslandsvsMacau
July 24 (tue)
Match Day 2
10:30 China PRvsNorthern Mariana Islands
13:30 JapanvsChinese Taipei
13:30 Korea RepublicvsMacau
16:30 DPR KoreavsHong Kong
16:30 MongoliavsGuam
July 25 (wed)
Match Day 3
10:30 China PRvsMongolia
13:30 Korea RepublicvsGuam
13:30 JapanvsNorthern Mariana Islands
16:30 DPR KoreavsMacau
16:30 Chinese TaipeivsHong Kong
July 27 (fri)
Match Day 4
10:30 China PRvsChinese Taipei
13:30 Korea RepublicvsHong Kong
13:30 MongoliavsNorthern Mariana Islands
16:30 GuamvsMacau
16:30 JapanvsDPR Korea
July 28 (sat)
Match Day 5
10:30 JapanvsMongolia
13:30 DPR KoreavsGuam
13:30 Chinese TaipeivsNorthern Mariana Islands
16:30 Hong KongvsMacau
16:30 China PRvsKorea Republic

Tournament Format


China PR and Japan are seeded in the Group A, and Korea REP. and DPR Korea are seeded in the Group B. The remaining 6 teams are divided into Group A and B by a draw.


Each group will play a single round robin league format. In addition, each team will have an inter-group match.


No points will be awarded from the outcomes of the game.


Only the final results of the each game will be displayed.


There will not be any outright winner or champion emerging from this tournament as it is not a competitive Championship.


The following individual awards will be given to each group:
Top Scorer, MVP, Best MF, Best DF, Best GK


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