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2018 FIFA World Cup Russia - Guam Tackles the Asia Section Second Round of Qualification



July 1, 2015


11th June marked the start of the second round of qualifiers in the Asia section. Guam, part of Group D, made an enviable start with two consecutive wins. Coach Gary JOHN WHITE spoke about the condition of the team at the end of their first match as well as the prospects for the squad in its upcoming games – to continue until March of next year.

Guam (Group D)
11-06-2015 / Guam 1 - 0 TURKMENISTAN
16-06-2015 / Guam 2 - 1 INDIA

After their first match against Turkmenistan (11th June, in Guam)
I am content that our side was able to win 1-0 amidst our passionate Guam fans. Though there were a few mistakes in our teamwork, we were able to perform well as a result of our good tempo, rhythm, and control throughout the majority of the game. This was game was also a historical moment for Guam, as it marked the first time the country hosted a FIFA World Cup qualifier. That made this victory an even more auspicious start for us – and it is a game that will remain in our memories.

I express my gratitude and joy to the staff on the Guam Football Association for bringing Guam soccer this far, and to all the players that have worked up their experience levels.

The Upcoming Second Round Qualifiers in the Asia Section
The Guam national team’s goal for the second round of qualifiers in the Asia section is to remain in the top two places throughout its games in Group D. We won our second match against India (16th June, in Guam) with a score of 2-1, and now (at the time of conclusion of the game) occupy the top spot in Group D. Such circumstances were unthinkable a few years ago.
Our next game will be an away match against Iran (3rd September, in Iran), the number one ranked team in Asia, which will not be an easy game to win. That said, we look forward to the game, as it will serve as an opportunity to witness how big of a difference in strength there is between Guam and Asia’s no. 1 team. The other teams in this group are all fabulous sides. So, we can expect some tough games ahead.
We have to support our team to the best of our ability, to ensure that the players are able to go into their games in the best condition – and to help the side keep its place at the top of the group. We have eight more games to play before our last match on 24th March next year, and to continue playing with the same 11 players will be a challenge. Buffering our squad for the future is a significant challenge we face.
Looking at the results of the few games we have played, we can say the Guam style of football we have nurtured over many long years has really paid off. In the remaining games, I will place my faith in the players every time they step onto the pitch to play, and make an effort to give my best.

About the Guam National Team
The Guam national team consists of players affiliated with the domestic league, players that are active in overseas leagues, and footballers playing at American universities, each with their own traits that give the team its balance. There are plenty of players, such as Brandon McDonald (DF), Ryan Guy (MF), Alex Lee (DF), Jason Cunliffe (FW), and Douglas Herrick (GK), who are seeking an opportunity to play for Asian teams. Fast runners and aggressive players such as John Matkin (FW) and Shane Malcolm (FW) display an unequalled force in their push toward the goal.

The Current State of Football in Guam
Football in Guam has made some clear strides in the past few years. The sport of football has gained dramatic popularity, and is now counted amongst the most popular sports in the country. The football academy developed by the Guam Football Association brings together many promising young players. Among these young players, many have gone to university with the intention of playing football – a positive trend for the future of the sport in Guam.