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The East Asian teams test themselves through the international friendly matches.



June 28, 2011


 In international A level match day of early June 2011 , the teams from EAFF held the international friendly matches. China, the champion of East Asian Football Championship competed with Korea Republic in GuiYang Olympic stadium on June 8th 2010. In this match between EAFF members, China won 2-0.

 China had already started to prepare for the qualifier of 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. There are not only Zheng Zhi and Yang Hao, but also the top scorer Qu Bo of 2010 East Asian Football Championship, is in the first squad.
After the AFC Asian Cup Qatar in January, Korea Republic had dismissed the coach Jo Tong Sop then appointed a new coach Yun Jong Su. Main striker Jong Tae Se was absent because of injury, but goalkeeper Ri Myong Guk, defender Ri Kwang Chong and center Pak Nam Chol etc. who all participated in 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa, and the best young player Jong Il Gwan have entered to the first squad.
From the very beginning, China had control of the game. On the other hand, Korea Rep. attempted to get back the rhythm of the game through substitution of players in first quarter. At 36mins of the first half, Deng Zhuoxiang received a pass from Gao Lin, and scored with left foot shoot. At 39mins, Gao Lin received a pass from Yu Hai and scored with a head shoot and expand the lead against Korean. Although Korea Rep. put much efforts to catch up but till the end of the game they had no score.
 On June 5th China had a friendly match in Kun Ming with Uzbekistan, and secured the victory with 1-0. In AFC Asian Cup in January, China and Uzbekistan held a draw. Players who participated in the 2010 East Asian Football Championship including the goal keeper Yang Zhi, Deng zhuoxiang, Zhao Xu Ri started in this match. The first half ended with 0-0, in the 21th minute of the second half, Gao Lin scored the winning goal as a substitute. With this match, China had got victories in three international A match games. Korea Rep.’s winning streak had ended with this lost.

The champion of the 2011 AFC Asian cup, Japan competed with Peru on June 1st and with Czechoslovakia on June 7th. Both matches ended 0-0. At the same time Alberto Zaccheroni the Italian coach had expanded his undefeated record to 10 games since become the coach of Samurai Japan.
Japan was using 4-2-3-1 formation in AFC Asian Cup, but in friendly matches Japan tried 3-4-3 formation for the first time. But in the match against Peru the 3-4-3 formation did not have the full advantage, and they were getting into a bit of struggle. In the second half the Japan’s key player, Honda Keisuke was set at the right to set the 4-2-3-1 formation, and then it brought improvement in the midfield with more flexible passes.
 In the second half, Japan use Nagatomo Yuto from Inter Milan hoping to strengthen the attack, but it did not work, but then they fall in to passive. In the 41 minutes of the second half, Peru’s Victor Yoshimar Yotun Flores almost scored with his shoot. In the 42 minutes of the second half, Raul Mario Ruidiaz Misitich’s shot hit the gate post. In the 44 minutes Ramirez lost a perfect opportunity to score with a head shot, but Kawashima Eiji secured it and finished the match with a draw.

 In the match on June 7th with Czech, Japan’s players including Honda Keisuke, Nagatorno Yuto and Uchida Atsuto who started in this match, set a 3-4-3 formation again. Let Czech made mistakes. With hard defense, Hasebe Makoto had obtained a good opportunity to shoot. Problem in back line in the match with Peru was well adjusted in this match and at the same time the forward line were strengthen as well. Yoshida Maya attempt with pass from Honda in the 7th minute of the second half. Okazaki Shinji and Lee Tadanari attempt in the 33 minute also threatened the opposed goal. But Goal keeper Petr Cech who plays for Chelsea of Premier League secured Japan’s attack and let the match finished 0-0. The Samurai Japan held draws with teams from South America and Europe, no goals score at home has become a big topic.

 Since Park Ji Sung retired from Korean national team after 2011 AFC Asian Cup, Korea started to replace their old team members with new players. In the friendly match On June 3rd with Serbia, with Ghana on match 7th, Korea held 2 consecutive victories. In the competition with Serbia, Korea used 4-3-3 formation with Park Chu Young and Ki sung yueng. In the 10 minute of the first half, Park Chu Young received a pass from Kim young Kwon and scored with a head shot. Goal Keeper Jung Sung Ryong also had outstanding performance, secured many shots keeping the lead. In the 9 minute of the second half, Kim young Kwon received a pass from Cha Du Ri and scored with left foot. In the 42 minutes of the second half, Peter Pavlovic scored for Serbia, eventually Korea won 2-1.

 In the following match against Ghana, 20 years old striker Ji Dong Won scored one goal for Korea. Then Ghana set an attack, while Korea became more conservative. Goal keeper Zheng Cheng Long performed surprisingly well, in the 16 minutes of the first half, he flapped out Ghana’s penalty and several other shoots. Before the half time break, Chi Cheng yong hit the goal with a super long shoot, in the second half Park Chou Young also missed a goal opportunity. In the 17 minutes of the second half Ghana tied the score, but before the game ends, although Ghana’s goal keeper blocked Chi Dong Yuan’s shoot, but Koo Ja Cheol, the top scorer of the 2011 AFC Asian Cup scored the winning goal. Korean Team won the game with 2-1, with consecutive win Korea will start to get ready for the qualifier of 2014 FIFAWorld Cup Brazil.